Apple iPad2: I Went Mobile, Finally

When the iPad was first released I wrote a blog raving about the potential of using the iPad to take your business on the road, figuratively speaking of course, or maybe not.  I said it was going to be awesome and cost effective.  How could anyone avoid this unbelievably perfect piece of technology???  I was going to get one the day it was released!  The problem was: I never did.  I got busy, I wanted to wait for the second generation, the litany of excuses goes on and on.

In April I finally went to the store and got my hands on an iPad 2.  I’ll be honest, I bought it only because I wanted a new toy.  Busy season had just wrapped up and I wanted to treat myself, I deserved it didn’t I?  Of course.  Little did I know this little piece of technology changed the way I worked, some would say I work more, maybe I do, but I say I work more efficiently.  I no longer have to poke at my phone sitting on the couch at night or have my huge laptop sitting there to respond to emails.  I run through them quickly and easily right on the iPad.

Through the use of apps I have been able to provide myself access to everything I need at the click of a button.  It’s more portable than my MacBook (amazingly) and has a better battery life.  I currently read all my news on the iPad by linking my Google Reader feed to Flipboard along with subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal and the Daily, each delivered to my iPad daily.

Document review on the go is much easier.  Ever try to read a document on an iPhone?  It’s not a pleasant experience.  You’re scrolling left to right, up and down, it’s miserable.  On the iPad you can view full documents.  You can then pull these documents into an app (I use QuickOffice Connect) and sync them to your computer with Dropbox, Google Docs,, or SugarSync.

The drawback is you’re carrying another piece of technology.  That’s a hassle.  And it gets expensive, 4 cases, a screen protector I don’t use, and 1 bluetooth keyboard later I think I’m good, but the price tag adds up.  As an accountant I try to keep costs to a minimum, but in this case I’d tell most business owners with the means to go buy one.  Embrace all it has to offer and you’ll love every minute of it!

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