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Remember your Accountant

So many small businesses overlook the benefits of consultation with an accountant throughout the year.  Regular discussions between you and your accountant will allow you to properly plan for year and and avoid any unforeseen problems in your tax preparation.


Additionally, your accountant will be able to give you a different perspective on the accounting at the business.  He will be able to analyze a situation unemotionally and help you determine whether it is best for your business.


When you consult after the fact, changes become much more difficult and you may be stuck with a decision that is wrong for your business.  Call your accountant today and see how they can help you, it’ll help avoid a long-term headache!




Go Mobile with the Apple iPad

Many business owners think you need deep pockets to run state of the art technology at their company.  They’re wrong.  As technology has developed it has become cheaper which is exactly what entrepreneurs need.  Released today was the Apple iPad with a starting price of $499.  Bigger than a smartphone and smaller than a laptop, the Apple iPad allows the user to check mail, manage calendars, or surf the web all in a small 1.5 pound device.  For those out there who have yet to warm to a smart phone or shy away from the $40 per month service fee, the iPad has WiFi which allows you to hook into the web from any WiFi hotspots for free.  Apple also offers a 3G model through AT&T’s network, much like the iPhone.


There are drawbacks though.  For example, you cannot load Microsoft Office onto the device, but you do have access to the Apple App Store where you can find a program to read Word and Excel documents.  Hardcore users may find the 9.7” screen too small for certain applications and the maximum memory available currently is 64GB.  This is sufficient for the majority of users but if you plan to store large files on your device you could run out of space.  Also, be cautious of first generation devices as they often have glitches and may require frequent software updates.


Regardless, developments such as this open doors to businesses which may not have thousands of dollars to spend on technology.  Have a tight budget but you’re looking for mobility and functionality?  Check out the Apple iPad.