Skype is Brilliant

If you haven’t embraced Skype consider doing it and doing it soon. Recently, my sister went over to Italy and we figured we would try to use technology to communicate while she was over there (novel concept, eh?) The objective was to find a cost effective application that allowed calls over wifi and was easy enough to explain to our parents. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong.

We looked at Google Voice and a handful of other applications but each would only do part of what was needed. Then we looked at Skype. We had used it occasionally, mostly for instant messaging and I have clients that use the program. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to embrace (the free side) of Skype. And we were impressed.

Within 15 minutes we set both of our phones up on Skype, put it on our computers, set up our parents and had them download the app to their iPhones. After 20 minutes my mom was calling and texting through Skype and my Dad was video chatting me over the network. In under a half hour, we created Sykpe monsters.

Anyone that has used Skype before is thinking, “Wow, welcome to 2002” and I’ll admit I was behind the trend. But as the adage goes “better late than never.” Get off my case. Skype simplifies the communications process and makes it truly mobile. Everything I can do on the computer software I can accomplish on the phone. A rarity today in software.

Skype-like applications are the future of business. They will allow seamless integration from the office to the golf course. While I don’t recommend video chatting while you’re on the course, you’ll be able to remain connected through one communication point, in this case, Skype.

Some will claim communication overload; sure, that’s a concern. But unless you learn to adapt you’ll be left behind. To those that are worried: you keep your land lines and fax machines, I’m moving into the future. Join me if you’d like. Hell, it doesn’t cost you anything!

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